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I am a 'native Texan' that loves travelling. Every where I go, I meet people that desire a deeper spiritual meaning to their lives. I ENJOY watching God's people respond to His call and watching God grow His churches. Can you tell that God has called me to plant churches?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Lesley

Remembering Lesley is not the easiest thing for a Texan that never met her could try to do. Yet, I know that she enjoyed and loved that special freedom that New Yorkers always talk about. She would have enjoyed the great culture of New York, from the museums to the waterfront.

Yet, I think her greatest contribution to America was her love. Her first action was to call her husband and tell him she was ok. I know that message must have been bitter sweet for him. Her love told him that he was loved, and she had lived through the initial impact. Yet, in a strange twist of fate, her call told him how she passed away.

In another twist, I was able to read how her legacy will continue on . . . in this day of internet and technology, a mother told how her daughter was named Lesley Anne. And several women commented that their names were Lesley Anne Thomas . . . As one would expect, each of these wrote how they would carry on the memory of Lesley.

We will remember Lesley's sacrifice and Joseph's loss in our hearts. And it is my prayer that we will each dedicate our lives to God, so that she will be honored in His eyes as well as in our hearts.


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